ADAC Food Industry Group, with its motto (organically-oriented foods) is an active and leading company in the areas of procurement, production, distribution and packaging in the food and beverage industry.
The company with the creation of a consortium of companies and professional groups, as well as state of the art equipment and availability of qualified and experienced staff, offers a wide range of ADAC brand products for consumers.
Trying to observe consumers’ rights and meet family needs, the company has been active in the field of training, production and distribution of various types of oils, herbs, various kinds of beans and cereals packed at a high level, the various hybrid and medicinal teas and marine aquatic products.
Also, the company’s goal is to focus on social responsibility in the development of a healthy environment, clean energy, health, and public health and the health of the entire world community.
Food Processing Group
Food industrial group is active in the evaluation process and power systems with an emphasis on the use of new technologies in food industries, as well as the processing and transformation of agricultural raw materials into products suitable for human consumption. The existence of various experts in the field of production, development and production of advanced laboratory equipment, allow a variety of studies in different fields. The main directions of professional activities include food processing and agricultural products using modern methods, optimization and upgrading of lines, machines and equipment for production and food processing by appropriate laboratory equipment, optimizing the production and development of food and processing of agricultural products, study of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of food products, identification and study of the properties of the fluids used in food industry. In partnership with leading international brands, the axis of activity of the Food Industry Group is as follows:
1. Engineering nutritional formulation with new structures in order to develop healthy foods.
2. Development of new food formulations using protein and polysaccharides-based compounds relying on local resources.
3. Development of technological food industry systems to produce compounds with high added value using modern technologies.
4. Improvement and development of new methods of sensory evaluation of food products in order to achieve the desired taste and texture.