Today, development of construction projects in Iran using conventional methods is not possible. The reason is due to the ever increasing demand in various sectors (industries), the lack of prepared projects and an increase in current expenditure. For this very reason, the implementation of construction projects on a large scale plays an important role in improving the use and operation of the resources available.
Construction projects as well as other industrial sectors require plan and schedule development, because the lack of economic efficiency and delay in completion of the project will result in the squander of the national capitals.
Among the most important factors in planning development schedule and cash flow can be called.
The most important goals
A) Achieving an appropriate pattern to ensure a suitable timetable for the implementation of massive construction projects.
B) Investigation of the cash flow in construction projects.
B) Effective use of resources (management support, organizational management) in order to accelerate the implementation of the project.
ADAC International Engineering Development Company with registration number 361912 provides its services to clients in areas such as engineering and technical consulting and project management and investment in construction, cultural, health tourism, sports projects and development of construction industry and technology transfer and its indigenization in the country , establishment of engineering departments of sales and attraction of foreign investments, and obtaining loans from banks and financial credit institutions both within the country and abroad and publication of journal articles on topics related to the issues of the articles of association, carrying out export and imports, carrying out equipment, procurement of goods within or without the country and its sales to major customers, use of foreign trade and finance to achieve the above objectives.