• Project Management of 670 residential apartment “Bagmishe” Tabriz (1992-1994).
  • Installation of engineering systems sales.
  • Start-up and financing of housing, commercial, cultural, recreational and religious campuses, in Shahrak-e Mahalati, Minisiti- Tehran: 6,000 units (1994-2005).
  • Creating a system for monitoring the project and the creativity and the use of new systems and implementation of Tehranpars Nasr project (2000).
  • Management of design and implementation of a unique project with 92 units in Arsh complex Shahrak-e Mahalati, Minisiti Tehran with an area of ​​19,000 square meters in 18 floors (2001).
  • Design and development of new methods of transportation facilities constructed with transparent prices, to reduce the high VAT for buyers and get their complete satisfaction.
  • Provide terms of innovation in the field of prevention of degradation of gardens in Tabriz: Home Garden Project.
  • Provide funding and construction of 40 housing units in the regions Abresan, Fereshte and Bagmishe in Tabriz.
  • Financial security and investment and cooperation in purchase of 90,000 square meters of town with landscape of sea and preparation of infrastructure for the construction of 123 houses in the northern part of the country, positioned in the best part of the state- 10 kilometers from Noshahr, Mazandaran with all amenities.
  • Participation in construction of a complex of 20 units (villas) in Abbas-Abad Tonekabon.
  • Investment and participation for the construction of a complex of 29 units in Sohanak- Tehran.
  • Purchase of a land with an area of 5,000 square meters in the town of Naz Karaj, located on the main boulevard, before Olum Pezeshki square, for the construction of 156 housing units for vulnerable populations.
  • financing, design and implementation of the project of 156 housing units in four blocks area of ​​18,500 square meters in the town of Naz with all amenities.
  • Establishment of the company “Arian Petro Zagros” involved in the fields of engineering and consultation concerning oilfield equipment and formation of a representative of the prestigious Canadian-Chinese company.
  • The opening of the European office in the Schengen zone for commercial activities
  • Supervision as chief adviser on the construction of 200,000 square meters of residential and cultural facilities in the country.
  • Management, implementation of studies and design of Shahid Hemat motorway in cooperation with engineering and consulting companies rated by the municipality of Tehran.
  • Provision of a land of some 900 square meters at the intersection of Niavaran and Kamranieh in northern Tehran, with participation of private sector in order to create a cultural, commercial, health and recreation center, which is currently at the stage of research and design for construction of a 14 –story building.
  • Take measures to open a representative office in Chlorenery of the US to import and distribute food supplements.
  • Take measures to open a representative office in the Netherland’s Sportlife for import and distribution.
  • Adoption of measures to invest in the production of trout and caviar fishes in the region of Khodaafarin Aras with capacity of 1,000 tons of fish and 10 tons of caviar per year in cooperation with specialized companies.
  • Adoption of measures to invest in fish production, fish trout and carp with capacity of 200 tons per year in Belarus in cooperation with specialized companies.
  • Take measures to make imports from Germany, with consumption of gas in the said state.
  • establishing companies to disseminate healthy foods with organic trend.
  • Financing and participation in the housing complex on the coast of the Caspian Sea with the services of the salt basins and offshore pipeline in water sector.

Cyber space:

  • The adoption of measures to prepare the virtual site to promote and preserve the environment and protect water resources.
  • Adoption of measures to provide land in industrial towns and construction of plants and packaging of medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements with organic trend.
  • Signing the Memorandum of Understanding with reputable European companies in respect of analysis and distillation of herbs (the Netherlands), to export and supply products to the world markets.
  • Preparation of the essences of medicinal plants in collaboration with reputable domestic and international institutions.

Projects under study:

Research the feasibility study of construction of waste recycling plant for the production of diesel fuel Euro-4, carbon paste and distilled water in Guilan and Mazandaran, using new technologies in Germany

Missions and goals

Expansion of external trade relations with countries in the region and transfer of technology in the country in agricultural processing industries.

Run job-making industries and localization of technologies in order to protect investors from the private sector and strength of the economy.

Creating a health camp for the elderlies in order to let them relax in a good atmosphere and participation of older people in the production of agricultural products and taking the use of their experience.

Creation of scientific companies in order to attract skilled labors and creation of new knowledges.

Cooperation with research centers and national and foreign institutions for specialized conferences.

Promoting a culture of social responsibility for economic enterprises in the direction of clean energy and environmental protection, and global health.

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