1-1- The collection of statistical data on fish husbandry centers and restructuring public and private sectors to develop investment strategies and attract foreign investors, as well as the output coming from the existence of production inputs, including the supply of healthy fish offspring needed for joint projects with domestic and foreign companies.

1-2- Fish farming in sea cages.

1-3- Reproduction and husbandry of cold-water fishes, activity in the supply of caviar from trout embryos and cooperation with foreign companies regarding cultivation of cold-water fishes.

1-4- Breeding and propagation of warm water fishes

1-5- Breeding and reproduction of sturgeons

1-6- Reproduction and husbandry of tilapia in districts and provinces of Hormozgan, Qazvin, Qom, Kerman, Semnan and Oman.

1-7- Collection of statistical data and scientific and technical information and scientific articles of domestic and foreign scientists, ichthyologists and introduction of aquaculture practices in the neighboring countries, as well as the EU and America, the introduction of new knowledge and innovation and applied research of National Research Institute for Fisheries at home and abroad and introduction of Iranian scientists.

1-8- Provision of expert services to ensure a healthy, clean and infection-free fishes and prevention of damage to farmers through provision of health services and provision of expertise and technical assistance to all organizations involved in aquaculture production.

1-9- Introducing the list of domestic and foreign factories for production and aquaculture of animal feed in order to let farmers and breeders in the case of high-quality fish feed.

1-10- Joint investment with Iranian and foreign companies outside the country for aquaculture production and processing of aquatic products and marine plants and their exports to other countries in case of need, and access to markets, both regionally and internationally.